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Good afternoon.  Recently I was experiencing some shoulder pain.  Dr sent me for xrays.  Turns out I fractured my C2.  I can walk turn my head.  Just have shoulder pain on my left side.  Back pumps.  
Pain at the base of my neck.  Going for CT scan on Tuesday.  What do you think my situation would be? Long time ago I dove in shallow water.  2 years ago go shot in the back/neck area with s puck playing hockey.  I'm 36 rather heathy Id like to think.  Lifted weights 3 years prior intensely.  Any insight would be appreciated.


Hi Whalen,

Sorry to hear about your pain. I'm not exactly sure if you fractured your C2 long ago (which I think is the case), or if you presently have a fractured C2.  So for all our sakes, if you currently have a fractured C2 then do nothing but follow your doctors advice.

In the event that your C2 fracture was long ago, but you currently have shoulder pain and "back bumps" then I do think I can be of help. "Shoulder pain" and "back bumps" are rather general terms, but let me just explain a bit of how most chronic pain occurs.

All the muscles in our bodies are like the rigging (ropes) on a big old-fashioned sailboat.  When some of the rigging (muscles) get inappropriately tight (from a trauma to your C2, for example) they begin to yank on the bones and nerves in ways that will cause us to feel pain.  Often, the tissue that is inappropriately tight (the cause) is not where we feel the pain (the effect).  I explain all of this on the homepage of my completely free website,

So in order to set yourself free from chronic pain you need to release the inappropriately tight tissue in the correct areas. I don't know if the C2 fracture is the cause of your pain, BUT from your description I think the cause is probably in the inappropriately tight tissue in your shoulder girdle.

I'd recommend you check out my Shoulder Pain Relief page,
and my Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Page

And also take a look at any of the other pages that you think describe your pain.  Follow along with the videos and you can most likely fix yourself.

I do hope this helps.
Gary Crowley  

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