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I went to a chiropractor because I saw coupon on; however, upon receiving my results I was shocked at what he was telling me. Last year I had muscle spasms and was given flexiril to relieve the muscle pain and for the most part the pain was gone. I was working at in a lab that required me to sit in a steel stool most of the day or do heavy lifting, which I know is what probably caused the spasms. Well, the chiropractor told me I have a slight lateral curvature of the spine (which I'm 25 and was tested for scoliosis up until I was 18 and again last year when I saw the doc for the spasms), he said I have thoracic nevritis, loss of cervical curve, facet syndrome, and myofascitis. He told me to visit him for the next 3-6 months to correct the misalignment and that it would cost $2500. Should I just go back to my doctor? Or go to his treatments?

Hello Nicky  ,

I'm very glad you came to All Experts to ask this question because I do think your issue can be fixed, and quite possibly be fixed all by yourself, and if not by yourself then I do think I know the type of practitioner who can fix your issue.

Okay, the first thing you want to do is understand that bones only go where muscles pull or hold them.  Bones are basically blocks of calcium that do not move on their own.  

Your muscles are like the rigging (ropes) on a big old-fashioned sailboat. So if some of your muscles (rigging) get too tight from overuse, or inappropriate use they will start to pull the bones out of place.  When the bones are out of place from the tight muscles pulling or holding them there, then all sorts of "itis" ("itis" is Latin for inflammation) will occur in tissues and joints.

I explain all of this on my completely free website,

So, if you release the inappropriately tight tissue along your spin, and probably the tight tissue above and below where you are actually feeling the pain, the your spine can go back to where it was and your tissue will stop being inflamed.  

I'm going to recommend you go the my Middle Back Pain Relief page on my website, and follow along with the videos that show you how to release your own back.
And from your description it sounds like you could really benefit from this technique where I use a massage tool to release the middle back,
This is the $30 massage tool I use in the video:

And without giving you too much to think about right now, after doing the above videos I'm sure you could benefit from both the lower back pain relief page,  and the upper back pain relief page,
When you're lower back is free and your upper back is free, it is much easier for your middle back to be free, but focus on your middle back first.

Okay, if you find you really do need someone else to work on you then you want to find a good practitioner of Structural Integration.  There is no better soft-tissue work out there and from your description this is what you need.  If you go to these two links,

Find all the Rolfers in your area, call them all, and go to someone who seems like know what they're doing.
Generally, I'd only go to someone who has been working at least 5 years, preferably 10 or more.  And you may have to try more than one person, but a good one should be able to get that done.  Most of them will want to do 10 1hour sessions on you and work through your whole body.  If you can find someone who is willing to work more specifically on your back that would be good and if you want to do the ten series later then you can.  And the 10 series is a great thing to do if that is something you want.  In Rolfing terms, you basically need a lot of "6th hour work" and some " 5th hour work" if they are trying to figure out what you want.

Alright, my friend.  You can probably fix yourself and if you can't you can now find someone who can.

I do hope this helps.


Gary Crowley

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