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Back and Neck Injury/Neck/spinal injury in motor vehicle accident


Hello.  I was in a car accident 1 week ago.  The car was travelling at 110 kms when an approaching car hit us.  We had two impacts, luckily on front left and then front right hand sides of car.

I have read some info on this website that outlines marrow oedema etc and seemed to answer a lot of my curiousity.  

I was immobilised in hospital and in a neck brace for 48 hours before results of CAT scan and MRI were available. I guess my main worry is if the tingling in my hands, arms and often soles of feet and occasional lip tingling and numbness (cold) sensations on back of head, neck and sometimes arms ... well... they are my symptoms ... is this likely to improve? and settle down?.. I suppose time will tell.  Im out of hospital now but get so scared when the tingling and other sensations start and then feel nauseous and shaky.  

This is the report from the MRI:
Standard trauma sequences with coronal T2 fatsat addition.
there bands of inceased T2 signal paralleling the superior endplates of C7, T1 and T2; these indicate marrow oedema and are consistent with microfractures/contusions.
Rounded high T2 (ie CSF signal areas in the right C7/T1, right T1/2 and left T1/2 neura exit foramina would seem unlikely to be pseudomengocoeles from traction injury and more likely chronic dural ectasia in view of the given history and lack of surrounding oedema but clinica reconsideration is neessary.
There is extensive increased T2 signal in the posterior paraspinal soft tissues from occiput to C6 consistent with haemorrhagic soft tissue injury.
C4/5 and C5/6 disc bulges are noted: these are not necessarily acute.

Hi, Di.

The report and your symptoms are typical of whiplash injury.

One thing the report does not discuss is patterns of muscular contraction in your neck and trunk provoked by the whiplash incident.  They give rise to nerve compression (tingling/numbness in head, neck, arms) and vertebra compression (disc bulges).

The nausea and shakiness are from disruption of your postural reflexes by the incident.

Please see the following article for more explanation of your symptoms.

The following, more general article also applies:

The article also indicates a course of action to take.

Back and Neck Injury

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