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Back and Neck Injury/neck sprain w/ehlers danlos treatment


pretty sure I sprained my neck this morning it hurts and is stiff when I sit up my head starts hurting and sometimes my ears ring..

I was debating on going to the ER but bc I have ehlers danlos hypermobility the drs alost never treat me they just give me meds that don't work..

I feel like an immobilizer will help bc I have a history of reinjuring frequently within 2 -3 weeks or spraining things.

idk if I should tell them I think that will help? most ER drs hate being told what is needed

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Hi, Malorie,

Immobilization is not such a good approach.  A better way to compensate for hypermobility is to improve the coordination among the muscles of your neck.  Immobilization won't help with that.

Please see this write-up for perspective and a way to go.

and this one on somatic exercises

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Back and Neck Injury

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