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I was in my first car accident on September 8, 2012. I was rearended but I didn't experience any pain or discomfort right away. A little while later during dinner that same night, my back started feeling discomfort. Within the week, I started feeling consistent pain. My pain and discomfort ranged from upper (between the lower part of the shoulders) and lower back (about belly button height). I would feel pain bending over and even when I'm just sitting. The spinal pain was mostly upper back, and the muscle discomfort was mainly middle back.

    While the accident was not too severe, I feel like it did more than expected. I was bumped maybe a foot or two. The only prior back problem I have is mild Scoliosis. It's not enough to worry about and has never really limited me. I'm 6 ft and 1 inch tall, and I'm a very active person.

    After a few weeks, I saw a doctor. They took X-rays and he didn't notice anything more abnormal than my spinal curve. I explained that I felt a combination of pain from my spine and a lot of discomfort in those muscles. He gave me a shot of cortisone and gave me Naprelan 750mg to take once daily. I took this medication for two to three months. I stopped taking them daily around mid-December. I've only taken them a few times when I feel severe pain and discomfort. I tried maintaining a better posture whenever I could remind myself. The doctor told me to also let hot water beat on my back in the shower and use a heating pad whenever I can. I've slacked off these things around the same time I did with the medicine.

    I don't feel like these things have helped me very much. It's over five months after my accident, and I still feel like I did two or three months ago. My other doctor recommended physical therapy if it is still effecting me, but I haven't gone through that yet. What else can I do to help my back and get through this injury?

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Hi, Miles.

The following article explains your experience and points you to what you can do (for yourself).



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