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I developed back pain in the sacral area when I was about 16 years old (I am 26 now). Over the years, it has gradually been getting worse. If I do a lot of lifting I will have really bad pain in that area which sometimes radiates down the leg. Also, it is impossible for me to lie on my back on a flat surface, it is so painful that I struggle to get up again.
For years it's also seemed like my spine has been bulging out in that area, I thought maybe it was just normal for me ... However, I recently fell backwards when I was playing hockey and I landed on my lower back. I used voltaren gel for a few days, and I noticed after a couple of days that the bulge was gone... so I am guessing it is some kind of swelling due to inflammation. Once I stopped using the voltaren gel after about a week of using it, the swelling gradually came back again.  What could be causing this chronic inflammation? Should I be concerned?
I am only just over 100 lbs, so I think the only strain I am putting on my back is some lifting at work. But I've had this problem for 10 years now, and I know it's not been caused by an injury.

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Hi, Mari,

I've addressed the symptoms you've named in various (relatively short) writings, which also give a course of action.

Please see below. (back pain) (consequences of your fall) (disc bulge) (pain down your leg)

Pain at the back of the sacrum commonly comes from heightened tension of the low back muscles, combined with a tight floor of the pelvis. Relief comes when you are taught to relax those muscles.  People get tight from long-term stress, repetitive use patterns, and/or injuries (as explained in the "recovery from injuries" article).

Where you've swollen, it's not inflammation; it's muscles in contraction in a state of fatigue.

There are movements you can do to retrain your muscles, so they stay relaxed.  The articles point to where to find them.

If you want a recommendation, ask.

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