Back and Neck Injury/Cervical Spine XRAY Results.


I had a cervical spine XRAY done on 12/1/12 at Zwanger-Perisi Radiology. Could you please explain the exam results to me.

Examination reveals straightening of the normal cervical lordosis. There is diffuse degenerative change. The vertebral bodies are of normal height. There is narrowing of the intervertebral disc spaces C5-C6. There is sclerosis of the endplates. There are anterior and posterior osteophytes. There is degenerative change of the facet joints. The soft tissues are intact. The visualized airway is patent. Impression: Significant degenerative change.

Last year in april, I was feeling both sides of my neck, maybe pressing too hard with my hands, and when my phone rang, I quickly turned to the left and my neck made slow clicking/popping sounds all around. That is why I had this xray. I did have a bone density test done and my spine/neck is osteopenia. My medical doctor told me I have osteo arthritis in my neck. Please advise.



Hello, Marie,

Osteophytes (bone spurs) and narrowing of disc spaces commonly come from neck muscles that are chronically tight. (It makes me wonder what drew you to be feeling the sides of your neck.  Discomfort, perhaps?).  Lordosis (neck curvature) changes with the amount and location of muscular tension, i.e., in ordinary movement.

X-rays may show "what"; they don't show "why".  "Osteoarthritis" is a label, not an explanation.

Your symptoms have nothing to do with osteopenia.

Please see this article and follow the recommendation.

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