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hi i have had back pain for around 5years now. i got pushed through a mirrored wardrobe. i now suffer badly with loss of feeling mainly in my lower body,i struggle to get up and down stairs suffer stabbing and burning pain. my neurologist sent me a letter saying my mri from 4months ago shows no significant pathology, a prominent central canal has been reported in the thoracic cord. what dose this mean. my pain is now worse than ever.

Hello Stacey,

Sorry to hear about the pain you are dealing with.  So the good news is that your MRI shows "no significant pathology", which means I should be able to give you some information that will help you.
The curious thing is that "a prominent central canal has been reported in the thoracic cord" is a very vague phrase that could mean a variety of things, but since they say "no significant pathology" we'll go with that.

After a trauma like you had being pushed through a wardrobe, your body will do the best it can to protect itself. Your lower body has probably responded much like a person who gets whiplash from a car accident where their neck muscles tighten in response to getting their head whipped back and forth.  It sounds like your mid back and lower back areas have tightened from the trauma and are now affecting the nerves that come of the vertebrae in those areas.

I talk about all this in greater detail on my completely free website, Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief,
But basically, you probably have a lot of really tight tissue that needs to be released so your body can function normally again.

I would recommend that you first do the follow-along videos on the main Lower Back Pain Relief page:
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I think there is a very good chance that you can fix yourself, and if you are too incapacitated to do what I show you, just have a friend or a loved one watch the videos with you and do the techniques I show you to do.

You can do it!

I do hope this helps.


Gary Crowley

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