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Dear dr, I was in a car accident yesterday somebody hit me from the side and total wrecked my car I am now experiencing severe neck pain and im getting dizzy spells how would I fix this problem? Is it normal that im getting dizzy spells? Thank you so much.  Martha

Dear Martha,

Very sorry to hear about your accident and subsequent pain.  I don't know if you were examined by a doctor after your accident, but it sounds like you may have a concussion, which you do want to be careful about.  So if you are still dizzy at this point, I would go to the emergency room and get checked out.  Most likely you just need a little time to heal, but it's worth seeing professional to make sure it's not more serious.

On the neck pain issue, it is quite normal to have neck pain after an auto accident.  If you get "whip-lashed" where your head gets propelled front to back or side to side during an accident your neck muscles will often tighten up in response to the trauma.  This can be painful.

The good news is that you can definitely get your neck to feel better with a little work. And the sooner you do it the better, but you can do it anytime.

On my completely free website, Do-It-Yourself-Joint-Pain-Relief,
I have made follow-along videos for every joint in the body for anyone to use, so they can fix themselves.

In your case I would go to the Neck Pain Relief page,
and follow along with the videos and that should help a lot.

And if you want more things to do for your neck, just go to the Site Map page,
and scroll down to the "neck pain relief" section where you can see every page on neck pain on the website.

I do hope this helps.  And feel free to have a friend or loved one watch my vidoes and to the techniques on you if you are too sore to do them yourself.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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