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Back and Neck Injury/Pain right by my right shoulder blade


I was woundering if you can actually tell me more or less what is going on with my shoulder blade area.

I had this pain that seemed like a knot that needed to get massaged out, but over a few days it kept getting worse and worse.  Until it finally snapped like a twig.  It has been close to 2 years now and I still get pain in the area when it gets cold, muggy, and wet and I have a visible bulge right below my shoulder blade and have also had some swelling.  I was examined and was told that it felt to broad based to be a cyst and that it may actually be extra bone growth.  It is almost as if I have scoliosis on my right side of my back.  

Any clue as to what might be causing my bulge by my shoulder blade?

Hello Mark,

Interesting question.   I'm not sure I'm completely clear on what you are describing, but if I've got it right I may have some things that can help.

If the bulge you are describing varies so much, it would seem to me more of a muscular issue than a bone issue. As muscles become inappropriately tight they can distort our structure.  And bones are not elastic enough to change the way you are describing.

I talk about all of this on my completely free website,
Basically, your muscles are like the rigging (ropes) on a big old-fashioned sailboat.  The tension between them must be balanced or things get pulled out of position.  And since bones are basically chunks of calcium that do not move on there own, it is the muscles that ultimately pull or hold the bones in position.

Sooooo, since you're not standing in my office where I would be able to see what you are talking about, I'm going to recommend you go to a few of my free pages and go through the follow-along videos.

First, I think the Shoulder and Neck Pain page might be a big help.
Basically, you want your shoulder blade free, so make sure and do a good job on the "side of the ribcage" muscle (serratus anterior) since this might be the "bump" you are describing. And the muscles in and around your armpit are important as well.  They could be yanking your shoulder blade out of position and causing most of this problem.

Also, the Upper Back Pain Relief page,,
and the Middle Back Pain Relief page,
should be of benefit as well, since they will affect the area.

I do think you will probably find a lot of inappropriately tight tissue that needs to be released, and if you release it, it should eliminate or at least reduce your bump.

I do hope this helps.


Gary Crowley

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