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I suffer from migraines . My problem is very tight scm. The tightest spot I believe is scm insertion at jaw? Well, posterior jaw at ear lobe and just behind ear?? I have a difficult time in this area, very difficult to work. Any pointers would be appreciated. I would love to see a video on this if you would ever have time!

Thank you,
Tina Nester

Hello Tina,

Sorry to hear about the migraines.  I know the spot you are talking about and have worked on many clients with that similar

The good news is that I do think you can fix yourself.  I have a completely free website,
where I show people with follow-along videos how to free themselves from pain.

The pages I would recommend to you are, first, the Natural Migraine Relief page,
It will show you, among other things, how to release your lateral pterygoid muscle
that is located inside your mouth at the very back of your jaw.  Usually, when that spot just
behind the ear you mentioned is very stubborn, you need to release the lateral pterygoid for that spot
to let go.

You may also benefit from some of the techniques on the Neck Pain Relief page,
This will only help, and may benefit you by releasing some other areas that affect your neck.

Lastly, if you visit the Migraine Pressure Point page,
you will again see me showing you how to release
your lateral pterygoid muscle, but talk about how doing it every morning can be a wonderful
migraine prevention program.  I have literally hundreds of cleints who no longer get migraines
because they just make releasing their lateral pterygoid part of their daily routine.
In my experience a tight lateral pterygoid is the main player in migraine headaches.

You asked for videos : )

I do hope this helps.  


Gary Crowley

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