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I am just 27 years old and is working in a banking sector for almost 4 years. with due course of time I am having a neck pain in a continous manner. i have visited many doctor and is doing some yogas aswell but no result is seen till this date.

Please can you give me some help with this problem


ANSWER: Hi Rujan,

Sorry to hear about your neck problem. I would like to offer any advice I can, however, could you please provide a bit more information regarding your pain; where in your neck, what makes better/worse, and what your doctor has said; results of any tests and if there has been anything done other than yoga?

Kind Regards,

Dr. Steve

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QUESTION: Dear sir,

I have taken the pain killer in past days beside yoga. its hard for me to keep working in a table and feel irritate to do any kind of work in a continous manner. it feels good only while doing yoga trained by indian guru RAMDEV but it has not been the permanent solution. doctor has told me that there is no any medicine for this. they have told me i have to work less in table. but i dont think that the permanent solution.

Kind Regards

Hi Rujan,

Working at a table, your head is down and forward, there is a lot of pressure on the neck as it works to support the head in this manner. The head weighs about 10 pounds and when held forward, it increases the weight and the support your neck must endure. The best method to counteract the muscle pain is to do a two part stretch/exercise. This is easy to do, after some practice, and can be done anywhere and anytime. The first part is the retraction which includes a slight rotation and you can see details at neck exercises and this will help train the deep muscles in the front of the neck to assume better holding strength. Once you can do this - looks very simple, but requires practice, you can proceed to the extension stretch at neck stretches. This should help. In fact, doing the first part alone has the potential to provide relief. Another therapeutic measure would be to use traction to ease the discomfort and there are inflatable collar type units that can do this easily and are inexpensive. You can see a few of these at neck traction. The last thing I would suggest is to make sure you are working in an ergonomically advantageous manner and you can look at computer posture and try to make any of these changes you can and it will pay off in the future. If these methods fail to provide a solution, I would suggest a consult with a chiropractor in your areas.

All the best!

Dr. Steve

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