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QUESTION: Hi I am having chronic back pain here recently. I have a tense unit that I use sometimes that works. But lately not so much. I also have tried ice that made it way worse. I use perform gel to take some edge of but it only works so long. I also use heat which works at night I have to use it to go to sleep. I fall asleep with it on. I take tramadol Percocet and meloxicam for it. It worked for two years now I am back to where I started. I did physical therapy 3 times it did not work I also did it for my shoulder 3 times and it did not work. I can feel knots in my shoulder blade and back and I can feel inflimation in my back really badly. I have tried a back brace through the day it works for awhile. Is their something I can do for my shoulder and back I am at the point of getting trigger point injections in my shoulder and a steriod injection in my back. I tried to go to a chiropractor but my insurance will not cover it for me. Which is crazy. Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Sean,

Seems like you have tried so much and I regret to hear nothing is working for you. It is unfortunate your insurance does not cover Chiropractic, however, you may look into an Osteopath (D.O.) that does manipulation which may be covered. It would be interesting to see the results of any MRI studies to know if there are findings to indicate a different course of therapy prior to injections. Injections can help with inflammation, but are usually temporary. I would also look into a certified active release practitioner - some are physical therapists, so you insurance may cover it. They can look into your shoulder and back in a very detailed manner. If they find problems, the treatment is short, very intensive, but highly effective in reducing pain and restoring function. You can find a provider in your area.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Steve

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QUESTION: I have had an MRI done from my spine specialist. I went to her because my primary doctor wanted to basically drug me more then what I am already taking. He tried sending me to a pain management dr that has been in trouble for medical malpractice and also taking medicine he shouldn't have been. So I found my spine specialist which I love her. She looked at my X-ray my family doctor did. It looked like I had scoliosis. She also agreed and suggested an MRI. The outcome of that was severe inflimation in the lower back it looked like I had maybe had one bulged disk but she could not tell because of the way it was. She was not sure why I have so much inflimation down their and I am only 21. I was in a car crash at 16-17 years old head on maybe 35 mph not our fault we were going straight through the light the girl was turning left we went straight and hit her in the door. This is what messed my arm up. The X-ray on that showed sever tendinitis in my shoulder not sure why. I have inflimation in almost all my joint and everyone can't explain to me why. Is their a cause for inflimation that you could explain to me or is their something you could suggest for me to get tested for. Along with this I know you most likely won't want to here this but at the age of 21 I have prostitis and interestial cystitis. I also have inflimation in my bladder and prostate when they ran a scope to look further into it because I have problems urinating. Which no one can figure out why either. On top of that I cluster headaches and postural orthostatic tachcardial syndrome. But my main concern is why do I have inflimation and is their a test that I should have them look into. Thanks.

Hi Sean,

I can't imagine the frustration. Please hang in there in the best spirits possible. I'm sure that you will get to the bottom of this in time.

Again, shoulder - check into the active release.


First, the results of any blood tests? Looking for any rheumatoid factor or altered blood profiles. Second, the degree of the scoliosis and if it is muscular or is there something in the x-rays that would account for a scoliosis - hemi-vertebra ect... Third, how is the inflammation manifesting itself on the MRI, specifically any modic changes and if so, the type (1-3), location(s) and volume (1-4)?


Dr. Steve

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