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Back and Neck Injury/Pain left side of neck when I raise my left shoulder/arm


upwards picture
upwards picture  

pain when i lift my left hand
pain when i lift my le  
Hey, thank you for taking my question. it would really great if you can help me out. I am teenager (19 years old), I exercise on a on and off basis. I was wondering what issue is with my left side of my neck when I raise my shoulder. the pain happens on my left side of neck. There is no pain on my right. but when I raise my left hand overhead like in the picture. my head moves towards the left side of my body near my left shoulder.  It looks like its compensating or something. But when I try to keep my head straight and in the middle and stop it from moving to the left, and then lift my left arm overhead I get this pain behind my neck  like that picture with the red marks show the pain and side of my head  and near my left side of my forehead just like that picture as well. I'm curious what is causing this and what stretches or strengthening exercises I should do. I have been to my family Dr. and have visited a chiropractor and sports physical therapist with no solution ,. I promise to put in the hard work to fix this problem and I will take your advice to heart. Thank you. Shane

Hi Shane,

Sorry to hear about your neck pain.  The good news is that I do think I can give you some information that will enable you to fix yourself.

I'm going to send you to my completely free website,
where I have follow-along videos for every joint in the body, but let me
give you a brief explanation for what you will be doing.

If you take a moment and think of all the muscles in your body like the rigging (ropes) on a big old-fashioned sailboat, you can begin to understand that all the muscles (like the rigging) must have the appropriate tensional balance in order for us to walk, stand, sit, lift weights, etc. at an optimal level.

If some of the rigging (muscles) are too tight they can begin to yank and torque things (bones) out of there optimal positions and then the functioning of our bodies begins to decline.

The trick is knowing exactly what to work on that will allow your structure to re-establish structural balance.  Hint:  where it hurts, is most often NOT why it hurts, when it comes to chronic structural pain.

Anyway, I think if you go to my Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief page,
and follow along with the videos, you'll probably be able to fix yourself pretty quickly.

And if you need more, the Site Map page,
lists every single page on my website and the Upper Body section has more pages for shoulders and necks if you need them.

I do think you can probably fix your problem all by yourself.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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