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I have been dealing with Chronic Back Pain for over 2 1/2 years now and have been receiving treatment with chiropractor care, acupuncture, electric stimulation and massage therapy.  I have also gotten x-rays, MRI's and CT-Scan's and everything has showed fine other than a fractured rib on my T6 right in between my shoulder blade and spine.

My employer has asked my doctors whether my injury is temporary or permanent at this point and I wanted to know....what makes a back injury permanent?  I know all my exams have come out good, but I am still in pretty bad pain.

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Star Soma  
Hi, Mark,

An injury is permanent if therapeutics are inadequate to handle it.  It depends upon the therapeutic approach you employ.

From my perspective, your injury is temporary.

Please see these two write-ups for clarification.  Write if you'd like direction to a course of action.

recovery from injury |
back pain |

Much or all of the pain of chronic injuries comes from muscular contractions set in motion by the injury.  Muscular contractions are protective reactions triggered by the brain.

Most conventional therapeutics lack an effective way of dealing with muscular contractions, hence the long periods of recovery -- most, but not all. Your condition can be resolved in a space of weeks, after the fracture has healed.  

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