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I injured my lower back in 2010 have an MRI done 4 months after with findings of 5mm herniation at L3-4 level with left lateral femoral stenosis and a 4mm potrusion at L4-5 with moderate far left lateral foraminal stenosis for which I have had 12 session of physical therapy,also machine to stemulate muscles ,3 facet injection and have been taking meds like dilated,nucynta,lyrica many others for pain .had a discogram done which had minimal findings doctor basicly said it's not my disc causing my pain. 2012 I had second MRI done which findings where unremarkable or insinificant.My question is why the different findings in the MRI'S do disc herniation and potrusion fix on their own and if so why do I still have this pain.

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It's fairly important that you bring your back tension under control; it's what caused the disc herniations, causes the pain (from muscle fatigue) and does not get corrected by drugs, electrical stimulation, or manipulation.  Herniation and protrusion do not fix on their own because caused by that back tension.

Electrical muscle stimulation is of little value because it does nothing to improve control of your own muscles, the core problem.  You need another approach, detailed in my writings.

If the pain comes and goes or varies, stenosis is not the cause, as the foramena (holes through which nerves exit the spine) don't open and close; the pain is almost certainly of muscular origin.  

Back and Neck Injury

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