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Dear Mr Crowley!
For the last 6 months, I was doing regular wall for about 40 to 50 minutes every day.
For a few weeks I have added a few exercises to this routine.
Almost 6 weeks ago, after walk I was doing exercises for my abdomen. At that time I was sitting on floor with  both my knees and hips were flexed, and I was elevating my thorax. I heard a click in my back during flexion. I stopped, there was no pain or discomfort. I continued the exercise and later heard a few more clicks or pops in my lower back. Later I slept comfortably at night. Next morning I was comfortable and went for routine work. Only at night, when I went for the routine walk, I felt discomfort in lower back. I came back home early. On 3rd day I found limitation in flexing spine. There was discomfort in lumbar region around the spine. I consulted a doctor who examined and diagnosed Lumbar strain. Paracetamol and muscle relaxant were prescribed. Recovery was rapid and after three weeks, I was normal. I went to walk for 15 minutes. Next day the pain was severe. I consulted the doctor. They have started Diclofenac. Now it's more than 2 weeks since it came back. I have developed pain in right buttock, going in back of thigh and calf. They said its not sciatica but its Sciatic pain. So gave me Pregabalin.
Don't know what's going on. But it's causing a lot of anxiety. Recovery is very slow this time. I feel pressure in lower back if I have to stand for an hour or walk for even 10 minutes.
Now it's about 6 weeks since initial injury. Please guide me.

Dear Ashraf,

Sorry to hear about your pain issues.  I do think I can help you, and the good news is I do think there is a great deal you can do yourself to get out of pain.

All the muscles in your body are like the rigging on a big old-fashioned sailboat.  All the muscles (like ropes on the ship) pull off each other in order to keep the structure stable and functional.  If some of the rigging (muscles) get too tight they put stress on the structure and inhibit it's ability to function. I'm 95% sure that if we release the inappropriate tension in your body that your pain will go away.  That tension was most likely added to your muscles a little bit at a time from your exercises, the way you sit at work, etc., etc. until it finally reached a point where it started affecting your body's ability to function.

I'm going to recommend that you  visity my completely free website
where I have videos for every single joint in the body.   You just follow-along with the videos and you can
probably fix yourself.

Specifically,  I recommend you begin with the main Lower Back Pain Relief page,
or the Sciatica Pain Relief page,
You will see that there is a lot of overlap of techniques on these pages, so it's not as much as you may think, but sometimes I say things a little differently from one video to another that may help you.

Lastly, the Site Map page,
lists every page on my website.  If you scroll down to the lower back section you'll see even
more pages for lower back issues.  Today I'll be posting a brand new page for "exercises for lower back pain relief with a stick",
They are great stretches and should be up in a day or so.

I do hope this helps you.

All the best,

Gary Crowley  

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