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I cant see where I can add another comment.  You said that you slept in a chair as twisting was hard on arthritis.  Well my neck was turned and stressed by the PT  then the chiro and then I did turn it here and there in a pool before the pain hit bad. But with all that stress you would think it would settle not turn into all this noise which I hate. The cracks are awful and constant with movement.  Crunches too   It get tight and never had that either and then will crack when I move.
I just think this stirred up and caused more damage to ligaments tendons whatever and the discs   Most is felt at the base of the neck   my ear even is getting numb when lie on it too  and my tinnitus is much worse    I just wish it would go away and can't understand how doing any of this started this activity and noise that I hate! Thanks again

Hi Jeanne,

Having arthritis or degeneration gives a smaller margin of error. Rotation or torsion should be limited, this can be a major problem with modic changes. I'm not sure how it started or why and why it continues, but I would certainly consult a NUCCA practitioner, it sounds like the perfect technique for you to start and I think it can make a difference and is a technique that you will be able to relax. Try to get a consultation with a NUCCA doctor that does adjusting by hand. You will be amazed at the detail they go to effect the entire spine by adjusting one bone. You hardly feel it, but when you watch them do it, there is a great deal of effort. It is a difficult technique to master, but very good. It was how I was first adjusted and the results are what got me into being a chiropractor, too many years ago.

I have tinnitus as well. Started 5 or 6 years ago and was devastating. Manageable now, but it can be related to the neck, at least in part, and certainly gets worse with stress. If there is damage to the ligaments, there would be instability, and you can tell best with dynamic x-rays in flexion and extension measuring excess motion of the segments.

I do think the right care or combination should be able to help the crepitus and it is not something you should have to learn to live with. I hope you will look into some of my suggestions.

Glad to help anytime Jeanne.

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