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I am a 61 year old man who has problems with my neck muscles
It feels as though my neck muscles are actually closing my ear canals and causing ringing and electrical buzzing as well as affecting my gait,I have also experienced the muscles pulling on the cartilage of my ear and also affecting my jaw
When walking i get a quick buzzing dizzy unbalanced sensation and my ears fill up or block my neck muscles tighten so bad that my neck feels like it has an iron rod inserted up the spine into occipital area ,it makes me stop in my track and realign or adjust my balance, i have no lung problems
I also notice when i rub near my sternacleidamastoids i get really dizzy and feel like  i am swaying, Lately i have a very sore left small toe at tarsal area and i cling with my toes to the ground to keep my balance
Hope i can get some answers from you mate as i am at wits end
Regards Cardy

Hi Cardy,

It sounds like you need to release your jaw first, and then your neck.  When your jaw gets tight it can affect your inner ear and thereby throw off your balance.  I show you how to release your jaw and your neck all by yourself on my completely free website, ,

Id recommend you go through my Jaw Joint Pain Relief Page,
and then my Neck Pain Relief page,
Sounds like your inner ear (balance) may be negatively affected by your tight jaw.

You can do it!  

Hope that helps.


Gary C.

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