Back and Neck Injury/disk bulge


"Dear DR.lawrence, I am Rasha mother of two kids 33 years old, height 5'5. weight 132 lb , i exercise every day .while I was doing MRI for pelvic pain, the doctor told me that i have L4-L5 diffuse disk bulge, I don't have any symptoms. My question is what caused that situation? is there any thing that I can do to avoid worsening the situation? Can i keep exercising cause i do cardio, low to medium weight strength exercise including back extension and yoga? I can't imagine my life without these exercise..thanks a lot and i am sorry to bother you .."

Hello, Rasha,

I've provided a write-up to explain disc bulges, here:

However, pelvic pain may mean that another situation pertains, here:  a twisted sacrum. That can lead to the muscular contractions that cause disc bulges.  Please see this entry for fit and note the link at bottom to request the regimen for the condition.  

Back and Neck Injury

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