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I would like to ask you if someone has disc herniation he must do an mri when he is in pain or mri can show you the problem even if you are not in pain.
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Hello Dimitris,

If you have an ongoing structural issue like a herniated disc then you can have an MRI whether you are in pain or not and the MRI should show the issue in your structure that is causing your intermittent pain.
That being said there are often ways to get out of pain even if you have a herniated disc.  Obviously, it depends greatly on the severity of the issue you have, but if the pain comes and goes you can probably do a lot to help yourself.  You can often free the soft-tissue that is affecting the area and create enough freedom so that you can function without pain.
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And yes, it's always good to get an MRI to rule out other issues that could be at play.

I do hope this was helpful.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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