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I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.  I will try to keep this short.  For the last yr been having low grade foot/calf pain. In August I was standing and reaching and my calf gave out.  I couldn't walk or stand on my tippy toes and my leg throbbed.  Treated by podiatrist as I had no back pain.  The throbbing stopped after I started neural flossing, but still so much foot/calf pain. Went to chiropractor he found some things wrong and began treating me.  Then the low back pain started along with foot/calf.  I had MRI results sent to me by email from my doctor.  Here's the results of the abnormal stuff:
L4-4 diffuse disc bulge with flattening of ventral aspect of thecal sax.  mild narrowing of spinal canal.  mild bilateral facet arthropathy.
L5-S1: posterior disk bulge with no narrowing of spinal canal.  no frank impingement of traversing S1 nerve roots.  mild bilateral facet arthropathy.
For last 3 months my life has completely changed.  I used to workout at gym 4x week.  I have quit the gym.  I work as a cleaning lady 5 hours a day.  Those hours have dropped to 3 hrs a day. the pain is either in leg,calf, or back or all.  now it is starting on my other leg.
Would you mind explaining the MRI as doctor sent it to me in email and chiropractor is vague. Also any helps on how I can relieve pain naturally. I am scared I have a chronic condition and I will never get my old life back.  BTW I am 46 yrs old.
thank you for your time.

Hi Tammy,

Sorry to hear about the pain you have been experiencing.  It's sounds like your MRI results show you don't have any "major" issues.  This is good news and I'm hopeful I can help you with your situation.  If I had to guess, I would say your issues with your lower back are the main cause of your leg problems, even though you felt the leg issues first.

If we free the nerves that innervate your lower legs then your lower legs then your legs should stop hurting. And if we free the muscles a that are negatively affecting your lower back then your lower back should stop hurting.  I talk in greater detail about all of this on my completely free website,, if you want to read more about it.

So, I think we may want to start you out with my Lower Back Pain Relief page,
and my Pelvic Girdle Pain Relief page,
There's a fair amount of overlap in these pages, so it's not as much work as it may appear,
but if you follow along with all the videos you'll be able to free your hips and lower back,
which should make your back feel better, and hopefully your legs too.

Second, I think my Achilles Tendon Pain Relief page,
would be good to go through, since your achilles tendon is the tendon for your calf muscles you'll be doing all the
right things to free your calves.

I do think you can probably fix this yourself.

All the best,

Gary C.

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