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what are floating discs and what can be done about them, I have two I would say football shaped bumps in my lower back that I can move around but one always comes back to the some spot, it land on my spine and is irritating to the touch, constant dull pain that makes it way to my shoulders also gets irritated by sitting for long periods,

Hi Dan,

A floating disc is called a free fragment. It is when a piece of disc breaks away from it's parent. A disc herniation can bulge out, may extrude or migrate away from the parent or, in some cases, a piece may completely break free. This leaves it to remain and present no problems, come in contact with nerves or the spinal cord covering, or absorb and go away.

You can see a picture of this and the different types of disc herniations at

They would only be visible with an MRI. Free fragment problems can arise with back pain and radiating pain into the hip or leg. If this is ongoing and getting worse, a surgical consultation would be advised.

However, the bumps you describe would not be these free fragments as they would be confined inside the spine itself and not palpable on the surface. So, the bumps on your back are not the floating discs. They may be fatty tumors, which are benign, however; an examination by a health care professional would be advised.

All the best!

Dr. Steve

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