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QUESTION: T11-12 is unremarkable, L1-2 is intact, L2-3 normal, L3-4, shows no focal herniation, L4-5 shows a right disc protrusion/herniation narrowing the neural for amen, L5-s1 shows minimum central bulging and annular rent,
MRI was done December 1st after a month of right leg pain, was referred to a neurosurgeon he said surgery no way, it will get better said to do physical therapy. Not much pain other than front of hip. So it's been much wats your opinion an how long does it take to heal , he was an osteopathic surgeon btw

ANSWER: Hi Jeffrey,

It is difficult to say what the problem is here. Typically, The right L4/5 herniation is not going to produce pain in the front of the hip. The MRI might indicate an incidental finding. It is possible that the pain may come from a facet joint problem at L5/S1, or a possible psoas muscle problem. The problem could also be in the hip joint; possible arthritis or bursitis. With low levels of pain and no clear pain pathway for L4/5 as indicated in the MRI, I would agree surgery is not indicated and a trial of physical therapy, perhaps 2 weeks, would be reasonable. So, healing time would depend on these factors.


Dr. Steve

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QUESTION: Based on the info I've given you do u think I can get back to normal, all my medical professionals I've consulted are against as well as I am, I'm no expert but it seems my MRI is normal other than the protrusion at L4-5. My surgeon told me discs heal  so did my chiropractor, it just takes time, an my dr basically said chiropractic care, and physical therapy is wat I need, the pain is basically I take an aleve 1 time every other day, Mackenzie exercises an core exercises, an go to work it's been 2 months is this the course of action best for me, ..? I haven't gone to my chiropractor yet btw should I? Or just continue with Mackenzie exercises an core strength, thank you for your time dr

Hi Jeffrey,

It really depends on how you are responding to care. If you are improving, chances are you should be able to return to normal. If you are not making any further improvement, I would visit the chiropractor. Physical therapy is good, but you need to be showing steady improvement. Hopefully, the chiropractor can make a difference. It sounds like your pain levels are reasonable. Should no further improvements be made in the next month with the addition of chiropractic care to the exercises, further investigation should be made or additional treatments like injections can be tried.

All the best.

Dr. Steve  

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