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My MRI shows broad based posterior disc bulge and superimposed left foraminal disc herniation detected.  What does that mean?

Hi Theresa,

A disc bulge is a type of disc herniation. Like a tire that is flat, it bulges out. How it bulges and where is what is being described. The disc is between 2 spinal bones in front of the spinal cord. The MRI shows the disc is bulging out backwards (posterior) towards the nerves and spinal cord. Broad based means that it is wide, covering most of the back part of the area on the left and right sides, but typically even around.

I think what they are getting at with the superimposed left foraminal disc herniation is that the disc is  bulging (herniating) into the space where the nerve exits out between 2 spinal bones. So, the bulge is bulging around in general, and specifically into the nerve space on the left. This can be the cause of a pinched nerve or radiculopathy, which can cause symptoms like local pain and pain, numbness, tingling and weakness referred into certain areas of an arm or leg.

You can see a good picture of this in the neck that shows a herniated disc placing pressure directly on the left nerve in this area at

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Dr. Steve  

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