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I have 2 dislocated disc c5 and c6 it happened 11 years ago and I went to 2 specialist and they both said I needed surgery but I was to afraid and didn't go through with it and now 11 years later its starting to bother me again pretty bad and I went to the er and they did a cat scan and said now it's disc 2 3 4 5 6 and question is do i have to get the surgery now or will it paralyze me if I get jarred the wrong way? Or can I continue on without surgery? Signed scared and confused.

Hi, Kathy,

Surgery may repair damage and may mechanically immobilize your neck, to some degree, but will do nothing for the underlying cause.

Muscular contractions of the neck cause displacement of vertebrae and bulging discs. That's what you have to deal with, and if you do, the pressure will come off the discs and your neck movements will normalize.

Please see this entry for more understanding and for action you can take to free your neck. |

Don't be scared. Just do the work.

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Back and Neck Injury

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