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hello first of all i am using a mobile device please forgive my typing errors.

the weekend before halloween 2013, i was getting ready to take my dog for a walk in the park. i twisted my back at an odd angle and in my hip/tailbone on the right side there was a snapping sensation with no pain. i was confused but shrugged it off and went on about my day.

fast forward about 3 hours i got home from the park and sat down at my computer. when i went to get up again i was met with some of the worst pain ive ever felt in my right hip all the way down my right leg.

i could not sit nor lay nor stand nor twist i was in agony. i was hurting so bad i was puking.

the next morning my mom drove me to the doctor. she did some tests having me move and lifting my leg and bending my knee. she told me i have acute lumbago and she gave me ibuprofen and a shot in my hip.

fast forward to today. i am still having this pain. it keeps me awake at night. i cant twist or sit or stand or lay without being in pain. however curiously there is no pain at all when i am walking regularly the pain starts when i sit or bend or lift.

i have read this could be sciatica.

i am 25 years old female overweight, i have no health insurance.

what kind of specialist can i go to, what can i do, what can i take i am in a lot of pain every day, in fact i am typing this to you after having slept only 2 hours in the past 12 hours due to so much discomfort :(

Hi, Desirai,

No, it's not sciatica. Please see this entry:

It sounds like something I had (until I worked it out) -- distorted pelvis and sacrum displacement.  Please see this entry | | and feel if you fit the description.  Please see the free regimen offer, at bottom, if it fits.

Lumbago comes from contracted back muscles -- which doesn't account for all of your symptoms.  See this entry:

Note the difference.

Back and Neck Injury

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