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Back and Neck Injury/neck stiffness and pain ,and pain in left shoulder


it all started about 10 years ago.i noticed my neck had started moving to the right hand side.i have been to a chiropractor but they couldent help.i have had a xray and it showed my fith vertibrae looks like its squashed together.i have allso had a mri scan on my neck and shoulder.waiting for results.i cant move my neck to the left hand side.the pain is 9 out off ten sometimes 10.i can hardly move my left shoulder.and now my neck has started locking.have you any idears.thanks

Hello George,

Sorry to hear about your neck pain.  I'm glad you've had x-rays and an mri, so you can rule out things like bone spurs and stenosis.  The good news is that the only thing left is the soft-tissue (mostly muscles) that must be pulling things out of position.

All of the muscles in your body are like the rigging (ropes) on a big old-fashioned sailboat.  If some of the rigging gets too tight, it begins to pull the bones out of position (or squeeze them together) and nerves get yanked on and aggravated causing pain and lack of function.   I explain  this in greater detail on my totally free website,
But basically, your problem is most likely the bigger stronger muscles in your shoulder girdle negatively affecting the muscles in your neck.  If you release the right muscles in your shoulder girdle, your neck will then be able to be released, since it won't be in a losing tug-of-war with the bigger stronger shoulder girdle muscles.

I'm going to recommend you go to my main Neck Pain Relief page,
or if your symptoms match the Neck and Shoulder Pain page description, you can go here,
Follow along with the videos and you'll probably be able to fix your neck all by yourself.
Just take your time, and you'll do fine.

You can do it!

All the best,
Gary Crowley  

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