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QUESTION: Multiplanar sequences of the cervical spine were obtained. No comparison studie were avaiable at the time of reporting.
no significant bony abnormality is evident.
bony alignment is preserved, albeit with loss of normal lordosis in the upper cervical spine.
multilevel degenerative disc desiccation is seen.
at c5/6 posterior annular tear is seen. Right paracentral disc bulge resulting spinal canal narrowing and causing mild narrowing of exit neural foramen on right without cord contact.
The spinal cord demonstrates normal signal.
the craniocervical junction is unremarkable.
Impression. At c5/6. Posterior annular tear with right paracentral disc bulge causing mild narrowing of exit neural foramen.

can this be causes by injury of lifting heavy object for a few monyhs

ANSWER: Dear Derek,

No, not from lifting. More likely, the long-term aftereffects of a neck injury.

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QUESTION: Dear Lawrence,

Last question: I have been working in the lifting company for period of time.(6 Years).

Normally I lift weight about 40 kgs by hand without any equipment used.

the long-term aftereffects of a neck injury<<<<I does not really understand what you mean by neck injury previously?

if yes to my neck injury> Can you tell me what causes it?
All the while I have not injury before. I only injury this time/.

Dear Derek,

A previous injury may have involved a fall, a blow to the head, a motor vehicle accident, or anything else that causes a sudden, hard movement that causes your head to move and your neck muscles to tighten up.

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Back and Neck Injury

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