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Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
At 76,for the first time,I had pain on my left leg,especially below and above knee.
I can walk,but when I step-down,I have severe pain and while stepping-up mild pain.I referred to Physician and he diagnosed that I have no problem with knee-joint and it is just muscular pain/Arthritis effect.He prescribed PMSON ER containing Acetaminophen extended release tablet twice a day and Folimax-Plus containing  Folic acid,Pyridoxine hydrochloride-10mg and Methylcobalamine-750mg.once/day.
Since I started these drugs,I do have some relief.He further advised to use hot water bag at night and do some exercise so as to strengthen the muscles.I also apply Bengay cream which does relieve pain.
Folimax-plus is to be continued for a month and PMSON ER only when pains.
Now all drugs are stopped,but at times do have pain.Isi't due to Arthritis & whether I can take Calcium Suppliment,with Vitamin D3 & minerals.
I read on internet that excess Calcium may result in Kidney problem.
Further Glucosamine with Hyaluronic acid is not available in India.
Would you mind to advise,any other drugs for joint-pain as I am fed up with painkiller.
I am continuing excercise & also keep walking.
How do I know,whether there is any Calcium defficency &/or Lubrication issue at joints.
Do you expect it will deteriorate without any meds.
GOD bless you.
with warm regards,

Dear Anil Desai,

Most knee pain of the type you describe comes from tight hamstrings.

Please see this article | | for more information and a tutorial video for what to do.

You may disregard drug recommendations as drugs do not handle the problem, for the reasons stated in the article.

Back and Neck Injury

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