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Dr. Carr,
        Last night I was cleaning up in my bedroom and pulled something while picking up a 15 dumbbell. I've heard that the golfer's lift is I good way of picking up objects and I've was picking up smaller lighter objects before the dumbbell. Being the curious type and hearing about the "one legged deadlift", i proceeded in lifting the dumbbell with my left arm while standing on my slightly bent left leg. I might have accentuated extending my right leg up when reaching down. I lifted it with no problem but I noticed that my rear right leg didn't provide enough counterbalance in order to return me to a standing position. Now I have pain in the right  lower back which is worse with lateral bending to the left. I also have right testicular pain and pain in the lower right abdomen lower than McBurney's point. Why is it that I can't touch my toes? Is the injury limiting my flexibility?

Wow, it sounds like it could be any number of things that could be causing your problems.  It could be a hernia, it could be a lumbar disc injury, it could be an inctrapment of the iliohypogastric nerve...

As one of my instructors said, "The patient is entitled to have as many damned problems as they want."  It sounds like you could have one, or more of any of these problems.  I'd recommend going to see a chiropractor, hopefully one who specialized in orthopedics.... they will do a thorough exam and get tot the root of your problem(s).  Go as soon as you can!

Thank you for entrusting your question to me, I hope I helped at least a little.  

Back and Neck Injury

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