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Hello I had a car accident I hit someone from behind  my  spine and back and neck Have been hurting  i already have a bulging disc in my spine and neck from accident in 2001 And  i went to chiropracter he seem to  straighten me  out to where  i  could move  I  wonder  if i could of reinjured my disc or is it just flare up I did go to the doctor He said i  had neck sprain and sore muscles gave me muscle relaxer Will i  hope it just flare up I been staying on ice it helps some Do you know what else i  could do Thank you Carolyn

This absolutely could reinjure your neck... doctors call it an exacerbation of your condition.  Both docs appear to be correct, as a sprain is a stretch of a ligament, and the disc is by definition a ligament.

I would tell your DC to take flexion/ extension films of your neck and look for any signs of instability.  At our office we use a Myovision tool to look at the muscles, as well.   Hopefully your doc has one.

MAke sure you get massage, as well!  

Back and Neck Injury

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