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I have 4 herniated disks from an accident in April (2 upper & 2 lower.).My lawyer says I have to wait until the case is over until I can get surgeries (6-9 months). The bulges are rubbing the nerves I guess & I had a very sharp pain in my lower rt. back that felt like an ice pick. It has been 3 weeks since it happened & 50% of the pain is continuous with sharp stabbing pain if I move a certain way(sitting,twisting). I have bad numbness in arm & leg on same side. I also have headaches & dizzy spells. Can surgeries repair this? And to what degree?The doctor said 70%.Cortisone shots(in spine) were useless! Will this get better in time (healing)without surgeries? I am 50yo male.

Hello, Ross.

First the numbness:  nerve impingements caused by muscular contractions.

Please see these entries:

I agree with your doctor:  cortisone is useless because irrelevant to the condition.
Likewise, surgery.

On the dizzy spells, please see the entry on this page:

On bulging discs, please see the entry on this page:

Back and Neck Injury

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