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I have a question that maybe you can help me with. I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder. I had catheter for a year then I stopped and pushed on my bladder. I eventually had a pacemaker put in and I was able to pee with no problem. My old urologist thought I could have a tethered cord. She did an MRI on my spine where I payed flat and then got up and laid on my stomach. It showed nothing. She swore she seen this 3 times in New York. She said the 3 patients did not have any evidence of it and they cut them open and found it. I am stuck with daily lower back pain chronic abdomen pain. My stomach spasms and my stomach spasms everyday all day. My new urologist swears it is a nerve disorder not sure if it could be the spinal cord. I am stuck with this and no one wants to do further nerve testing besides an MRI. That's all they want to do. Their has to be other test they can do. What is your opinion. I was at the mayo clinic they did nothing for me. A top rated hospital could find nothing. I went through most of the departments. Urologist Gi doctor Neurology I had trigger point injections that took the pain away for a day that was it. I has no abdominal pain for 1 whole day. I also seen a hematology to. My lower back pin is inflimation everyone I see my spine doctor she thinks she sees a bulged disk but can't tell from the X-ray she took. It sits in a bad spot where she seen it. Thanks.

Hi, Sean,

A number of seemingly inexplicable symptoms come from having a twisted sacrum.

Rather than get wordy, here . . . I'll be wordy elsewhere!  Please see my entry and read it for "fit". |

If it fits (meaning, it seems to describe you and you've done the self-examination shown, there), start the regimen offered via the link at bottom.

From your description, I infer you have trouble opening to empty.  Please also see my entry on "frequent urination". You may be habituated in "startle reflex." |

None of the conditions these entries address would be recognizable by a radiologist or neurologist looking for nerve impingement because they would be looking for something else that they think is the definitive cause of the condition.  

Back and Neck Injury

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