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Back and Neck Injury/Result of my MRI re lower back pain.


1. Laminectomies L3-S1. Particularly between L4 and Si the canal is well decompressed posteriorly.
2. There is some progression of degenerative change above this, which is particularly advanced at L3-4 where there is a slight irritation suggested. Additional degenerative change elsewhere with grade 1 retrolisthesis of both L2 and L3.
3. Retrolisthesis, disc and facet/ligamentum hypertrophy result in moderate to severe canal narrowing at L2-3 and raises the question of spinal stenosis.
4. Additional areas of exiting foraminal narrowing outlined above, most prominently at L# on the left. Please correlate for concern of radiculopathy at a particular level.

ANSWER: Hello, Robert,

Since you haven't framed a question, I'm providing links to entries that explain back pain.

Degenerative disc changes most commonly result from chronic back-muscle tension that compresses discs overtime.

Locations of pain are key indicators of what's going on.

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QUESTION: My pain is around the L2-L3 area with sciatic nerve pain down my right hip down my knee to the base of my foot.
My question should have been ( Explain my MRI results).

Hello, Robert,

The MRI results describe effects, not causes. As such, they may be somewhat informative, but they are not useful.

The articles I've provided explain causes and how to clear them up.

Here's another one, on sciatica. |

Back and Neck Injury

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