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Hi Doctor,I have been experiencing nerve pain that travels from my neck ,right Trapezoid muscle, to my right Deltoid. It makes it feel like it is tense and tight.I am an avid weight lifter,and though I am used to chronic aches and pains once in a while,this has gotten to the point that my right bicep now has gotten significantly weaker than my left bicep.I can preacher dumbbell curl my left bicep up to 60 right struggles at 25 pounds,It is aggravating to say the least.There is no pain in the bicep region,but mo strength.I'm ok with pressing movements,but to do any type of lifting underhand or curling seems to feel or look unorthodox.Any thoughts or diagnosis would be GREATLY appreciated,Thank you!! Scott

Hi Scott,

First, I would make sure it's nerve pain. There is a difference between weakness from nerve conduction and weakness from soft tissue. A nerve can be trapped by scar tissue, but typically it can be due to a disc problem or sometimes arthritic conditions. This would be the first thing to rule out. You would also want to rule out any tendinitis or bursitis problems. Typically, you can see or feel compensatory motions that can give clues to the offending problem. It may be one or both of these problems. Sometimes, with weight lifters, tears in muscles can form scar tissue and this can alter the function of muscles and cause pain. The first method I would choose would be an orthopedic evaluation. If these are negative, I would look into a certified active release practitioner. Unfortunately, today many claim to know this technique, however; I would make sure they hold certification.

Anyway, I hope this helps and you find relief from this so you are able to progress towards your goals.

All the best!

Dr. Steve

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