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QUESTION: one day i was preforming two arm tricep extension ( picture attached) , suddenly i felt little pain in lower portion of back shoulder , i think dumbell wieght was little high , i ignored it and finished my workout. From next day  pain started , in any shoulder movement . So i stopped my workout routine for 1 month. Now after one month , when i again started my workout plan pain comes back again. Pain is not for whole day , sometimes it comes and goes .I feel tightness in my back portion of shoulder for whole day. now 2-2.5 months has past , pain has not eliminated.

ANSWER: Hello, Nitin,

You have cultivated muscle tone so much that the tone elevated to spasm. You altered your muscle/movement memory; rest, as you've discovered, doesn't remedy that problem. You need to retrain muscular control AND your approach to training. | see

A somatic education exercise will bring it under control. However, which exercise depends upon exactly where you are in spasm and the movements that that location causes.

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area of pain
area of pain  
is nor opening :-(
i also forget to send pic of effected area , see this..

Dear Nitin,

The correct link address is

The program containing the exercises needed for your shoulder is The Cat Stretch Exercises:

Despite the title, these are NOT stretches, but controlled movements that develop muscle/movement memory.

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