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Had a Mir in 2013, showed mild desiccation and herniated disk L5-S1 now 2 years later, I can't stand up without so much pain I throw up and pee on myself, the pain that is going down the back of my right leg all the way to my foot, I now no longer having feeling in my right heel or last 2 toes.....can not get my medical card (Carelink) to approve new Mri.... (1st mri I self paid be it was denied)... Scheduling will not let me schedule self pay by dr. Tried to run my insurance I have 3 girls 2 of which are still young, work every day serving tables, double shifts just to provide, go to school for nursing which I have to had to take off from, I'm unable to work now, can't even walk my girls to the bus express and Er just keep saying rest, I have rested for 2 1/2 months now only for it to be getting worse I sleep on heat every night plus take nerotin 3x's a day.... Neuro surgeon won't see me without mri please help me I'm desperate and in soooo much pain, plz tell me what to do to get mri and in with neuro surgeon....

Hi, Tammy,

The symptom you describe sounds like sciatica. Oh. I see you wrote the term phonetically, above.

You may read the following entry, which explains the condition:

Surgery is not usually the fitting approach for the condition, as you will read, so you're better off with the surgeon's refusal.

For the next actionable step, you may send a follow-up inquiry.

Back and Neck Injury

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