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I have cluster headaches, and in the diagnosis process had an MRI of my neck done recently.  The impression reads "Moderately severe narrowing of disk height at C5-C6 with diffuse 2.6 mm disk protrusion and spur complex.  Indentation of the cord surface is present.  Generalized canal stenosis is present with AP canal diameter narrowed to 7.2mm"  And "1.7mm generalized disk protrusion at C6-C7.  No cord compression" And it keeps going ... "Bilateral uncinate hypertrophy and spurring at C5-C6 produces bilateral foraminal stenosis with potential effet on the C6 Cerve roots."  I appreciate any information you can give me on this.  I have had cluster headaches for 7 years now and have tried multiple paths to stop the cycle, including migraine IV treatments, Opthamology visits, CT scans, ...  It has been a joy!  I also saw a chiropractor which stirred up the hornets nest I currently live in!  These issues with my neck have been there for a while but I didn't start having issues with them until I saw the chiropractor.  Cluster headaches not related to neck before but now it is hard to distinguish between my regular headaches and neck related headaches.  I am going to be 50 within a few months.  Thank you again for responding to my multiple questions - much appreciated!

Hello there; your email somehow got sent to my spam folder.  I usually get these things taken care of immediately.  

So, firstly:  I don't think the things they found in your MRI have anything to do with your migraines.  There's decay, there's degeneration, but nothing that causes headaches. More likely they would cause symptoms down the arm than in the head. I have a kind of "dummies: cervical spine MRI" article on my website, if that helps>

If your headaches are one sided, then that migh be a cervicogenic headache.  If you feel pain at the base of your head and it coincides with your headaches, that's probably cervicogenic.  I also have a webpage about that, too, see if it applies.

If your DC stirred up the headaches, it's safe to say that there's a spinal component... where are you located?  I can recommend someone I've worked with if you like.

Again, I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you!  Feel free to leave me the terrible feedback I deserve.

Dr. Carr

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