Back and Neck Injury/Help me understand my MRI Please?!


Findings: Vertebral body height, signal and alignment is maintained throughout the lumbar spine . The conus medullaris is unremarkable. There is a mild disc desdesiccation throughout the lumbar spine. Lumbar Annual tear.

*L2-L3 there is a diffuse broad based disc bulge w/mild right foraminal bulging and narrowing.  No spinal stenosis.

*L3-L4 there is a diffuse broad based disc bulge w/a foraminal protrusion on the right w/mild to moderate foraminal narrowing.

*L4- L5 there is a diffuse broad based disc bulge w/mild bilateral foranimal bulging and narrowing.

*L5-S1 there is no spinal stenosis or foraimal narrowing although there is a mild bilateral facet osteoarthropathy

*There is an edema within the erector spinae muscles predominately on the right, which is non-specific

IMPRESSION: 1.) Mild Lumbar spondylosis
         2.) Edema within the dorsal lumbar erector spinae muscles,which may be either inflammatory or secondary due to muscle strain          I do have image on disc if needed. PLEASE help me to understand? I have no one to see me until MAY and need your help to understand what all this means please.  I cannot sleep, mind racing- not to mention the debilitating pain I've had no relief it get under control.

Hi, Tina.

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Back and Neck Injury

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