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What happens to the Quadratus Lumborum after a surgical resection of the 12th rib during an open nephrectomy? My question is important because surgeons seldom discuss the exact anatomy which is involved with patients. Recently searcheable descriptions of renal surgery arrived on the web. The descriptions do not cover the above question. I would like to know for weight lifting exercise purposes.

Hi Cleve,

That is a good question. You are right, surgeons usually do not discuss this except if you catch it before surgery during the consult. If your not a surgeon, you probably are not thinking it at that time.

I think it can be a matter of technique; different surgeons may have different approaches to the same surgery. I would suggest trying to contact the surgeon for a consult or perhaps an email. It also depends on how long post-surgery and I would certainly be concerned when lifting. Usually a slow, graded approach is needed. Stretching would be important for scar tissue. I would go with low weight and higher reps to tolerance, but it would be helpful to get more information from the surgeon, or perhaps a physical therapist that he is associated with, who would be familiar with his surgical techniques and any rehab protocols. If this does not work, try your primary. He/she would have the best chance to correspond with your surgeon.

I wish I could provide you with a better answer, but I hope you have recovered well and wish you all the best.

Dr. Steve

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