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QUESTION: Hi Dr. Steve, I want to know if there is a treatment for my back..The thing is my back has a typical shape..And sometimes I also feel pain in my back..Could u pls help? I want my back to be straight..There is a curve in my back..And quite a deep curve..

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Flemming,

I'm not sure I quite understand. There are curves in the back; the lower back has a lordotic curve and the upper back has a kyphotic curve. So, where exactly is the problem? Do you have lower back pain or upper back pain (between the shoulder blades)? If any of the curves are excessive, x-rays can give clues as to any structural or biomechanical problem. Problems with the curves can be congenital (born with it), or acquired through poor posture, weak muscles or injury. So, getting help with it depends on what the problem is. Sometimes bracing helps or doing certain exercises and posture modifications.


Dr. Steve

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick response..Dr. Steve, it's in my lower back which is lordotic..I can't confirm this is by birth but I feel it has changed in recent years probably in the last six years..I am 26 yrs. old..Is it possible my back can be straight? Bcoz I sometimes feel pain in the lower back..I used to keep my back bend rather than keeping it erect..Could this be the reason of this curve?

Hi Fleming,

OK, so your lower back is hyperlordotic - there is an excess of curvature in your lumbar spine, sometimes called swayback. Well, there can be a number of factors at play. The first thing I would do is to have a set of x-rays taken. There could be a congenital problem with the spinal bones which could cause an alteration of the curve. It is possible that you have weak abdominal muscles or overstretching. This can be helped by doing sit-ups; careful at first -  crunches, knees bent, arms in front. You could also have tight iliopsoas muscles and you can check that out at to see this and some exercises/stretches. Also, if you wear heels on your shoes or sneakers that have your heel higher than the foot, this can increase the curve in the back, so try using flat shoes or sneakers. Be careful when lifting; use a belt and lift with your legs and back straight.

I hope this helps.


Dr. Steve

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