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I am back with some more questions..... I got diagnosed with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. I was told i could start doing more exercise, he said "everyone" should be doing some form since its good for you anyways lol. However i mentioned i tried running, to my back specialists well its more like how the elderly run, like the "mall walkers" and had severe burning sensation in the lower back, and i had to stop exercising for the day, and eventually went away. i did yoga Monday night and got the severe/uncomfortable burning pain again. and it continued burning, it stopped the next morning and then at work the same day, it started to flair up again. and I usually end up with my leg bent and resting on my right leg to take some of the burning away, however it doesn't really do much, just a tad comfort it gives me. Other than laying down which at the time i couldn't.

My questions is i still do stretching however i have read stories and different exercises, i was thinking casual bike riding. but one doc said its good for arthritis but for S I Joint dysfuction is will end up injuring me more and my doctor doesn't want me to get even worse.

Hi, Marcy,

I offer a solution completely different from stretching: exercises that cause the sacrum to find its center. I have prepared a regimen of somatic education exercises for that purpose.

S-I joint dysfunction appears to be one of those conditions for which standard medical practice has no effective solution, so I get a lot of inquiries about that condition.

See this page to understand the condition. |
Note the "regimen" link at the bottom.

Bike riding will not correct the problem, which is what you need. Neither will stretching.

Please see my recommended entry plus this one on stretching:

Back and Neck Injury

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