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I am a 64 year old female, in good health but bad bones, I have osteoporsis. "I had cervical surgery in October 2010 and a metal implant put in at c5-7 (I think). Two weeks ago I started experiences what I thought was a stiff neck radiating into my traps. I now have a "clicking" sound when I turn my neck and it seems to be getting more frequant. at the base of the neck you can feel the two vertabraes, this could be also as I am thin, only 100 lbs and 5 feet tall.  Should I be concerned about this clicking? Most of the stiff neck is gone, only a little tenderness remains. I don't want to run to the doctor if it is nothing to worry about. Thanking you in advance"

So the clicking is most likely due to hypermobility of the segment above or below your surgical fusion.  The increased demands placed on these areas often results in this condition, and can eventually lead to arthritis.

If it happens all the time, see a doc about it.  If not, "easy does it."

Back and Neck Injury

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