Back and Neck Injury/Upper back injury?


I was drying the back of my head with a towel really quickly this morning and now my upper back hurts close to where my right shoulder blade is. It only hurts when I move a certain way, like when I rotate in a specific way. It hurt when I turned left to check my blind spot while driving. It does not hurt when I move my arms.

Should I be concerned? Thank you.

I'm sorry it took a day to respond, but it was busy @ work yesterday!  

Most often, this is a rib injury.  Arching your back, and then having a stabbing pain in the back with referral to the neck is he most common cause of this injury.  I've outlined this on my website, Rib Pain.

If these symptoms dont' match up to what you have, please let me know!

Dr. Carr

Back and Neck Injury

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