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cardys back
cardys back  
cardys sore spots
cardys sore spots  
QUESTION: Dear Doctor Peter,

I have pain in my neck and shoulder on my right side, when I breathe in it hurts and it is muscular, I move my right arm, cough or sneeze and get a deep pain in my shoulder blade.

I also have tight neck muscles and I have noticed I cannot turn my head either side properly but my left side is much worse.

The pain in my shoulder hurts when I lay down or move.

I have attached a photo of my hot spots.
The strange  thing is my friend woke with this too, only her neck  is not stiff.
Could you give me an idea of what could be causing this.  My arm is sore also on the Deltoids and trigger point is not releasing these muscles.  
My Rhomboids are also hurting, feels torn.

I have more pics to send if you require please send me an email address to forward

Kind Regards


ANSWER: Cardy (Cool name!)

I would begin with checking the rib heads being misaligned.  Pain at the end of your breath, especially the last 10% or so, is really indicative of this diagnosis.

Of course as a chiropractor, I'm going to say chiropractic is the solution for this, and it is, but it will eventually go away on it's own . I've got a page on my website for this condition it's so common!

If this doesn't seem consistent with your problems, let me know in a follow up and I'll look at your case again.  Hope this answer helps!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi mate,

Thank you for your answer I found it very helpful.

The cause may be from the computer,  thank you for your advice.
I googled it after I received your message and I read that it could be lung cancer which
has scared me as I am a smoker although I am only a light to mild smoker.
The pain is mostly under my right armpit and down my arm to my smaller fingers on
my right hand.
The pain is terrible.

I thank you for any further assistance.
Kind Regards



Lung cancer?  Really?  You went straight to that?  You need an Internet intervention.

The pain distribution you are showing looks a lot more like a referred muscle pain than anything else.
Could you have lung cancer? Of course, that COULD be the case, just like you COULD be the next lottery winner.  

Let's focus on what usually is the problem, which in your case is musculoskeletal in nature.

In the States we have a saying... "If you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras."  It's FAR FAR more likely a musculoskeletal issue than anything else.  It's been 3 weeks.. did the pains go away?  

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