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I just love your video's...... with three kids, I have no time (nor money) to go to physiotherapy.....thank you for helping my back injury (RN back injury).

My question, I have a friend who has a torn rotator cuff..... would the video's on shoulder pain be helpful for a torn rotator cuff?  She is unable to go to physiotherapist herself.  thank you for sharing your wonderful expertise.... it is so nice to have people in this world that are actually helping people without the motivation of greed.  
thank you,
from canada
Free healthcare, but doesn't include physiotherapy :(  very expensive service here in Canada - $80 a visit.

Hi Sam,

Yes, I think my videos could help your friend.  Sometimes "torn" is not really torn, and of course sometimes it really is.
So if there is a real tear my techniques can certainly provide temporary relief and are a great tool to reduce discomfort and pain.
And sometimes, when you free everything in the shoulder the "tear" goes a way, or in case of a small tear, can actually heal
not that there is no inappropriate tension yanking on the attachment.

I think y main Shoulder Joint Pain Relief page is a great place to start,
and then if your friend wants to do even more, which will only help, I give
more things to do on my Frozen Shoulder page,

I do hope they'll give it a try.

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