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Hi, I was told by my Dr. that I have severe degeneration spine. I am 76 years old. I can't walk more than maybe a city block without a walker. At that point the pain is intense and my breathing is very labored and I am sweating extreamely bad, even inside in air conditioned room. My Dr says the sweating and labored breathing is from the pain. She ordered  a proceure done on my back where the nerve tips were burned to see if that would help. It only helped for a few weeks and now the pain is worse than before. She also sent me for phy.therpery but all they did was massage my back and use use some form of pulseing on my back. The massage gave me relief for a short while but in a few hours the pain was back. The pain is located from the center of my back to the lower part of my back on both sides but worse on the left side. I try to keep moving by doing the household chores but I have to do very small amts at a time, Then rest and do a little more.  I also have implants in both knees and one in my left hip. I have also been having a lot of pain in both legs. Are there any exercises I can try to do to help with the pain in my legs and back. Right now I am given Pain meds , one every 3 hours but If I can do without them,I do. It's almost impossible for me to go anywhere because of the pain when walking.I also have dizzy spells and fall easy. I feel like my life is over and I need some way to get it back . Please help me if you can.

Hello, Erma,

Back pain usually comes from very tight back muscles, which get sore.
This entry explains:

There are exercises you can do to correct the problem. They cause muscles to relax and with relaxation the pain goes away.

As to your legs, knee problems usually come from tight hamstrings (the muscles at the backs of your thighs).
This entry explains:

The entry features exercises you can do to bring comfort to your legs. You will need to have done the exercises to free your back, first.

Dizzy spells suggest either a circulatory problem or tension in your neck.
This entry explains:

With this many symptoms, I wonder at your history of injuries and whether your self-description of symptoms is complete. Other exercises may be needed.

When doing this kind of exercise, you do one program at a time to completion before starting the next.

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