QUESTION: I have cut (by mistake)one square of 18 mesh needlepoint canvas can you give me a step by step guide as to how to repair it.  Very much appreciatennd and thank you

ANSWER: Hi Dorothy,

I am not sure if you mean that you cut one thread of the canvas...?  If so, that's not difficult to fix. Please let me know, or if it's something else, and I will be able to give you a specific answer.

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QUESTION: Yes, I have cut only 1 thread.  thank you

Hi Dorothy,

Sorry for the delay.  If it's just a single thread, here's what you do:

Pull a single strand from the edge of the canvas that runs parallel to the cut thread.  Thread it onto your needle. Starting at the cut, follow that thread back about an inch away from where the cut is.  From the backside, start by pushing the needle up at a point where the cut thread goes OVER one of the threads running perpendicular, pull the thread through, leaving about an inch for a tail.  Now, start stitching that canvas thread, following the OVER-UNDER pattern of the cut thread.  You want to be laying this replacement thread right next to the cut thread, following the over-under pattern until you are about an inch to the other side of the cut.  Finish by pushing the thread to the back.  Now you can just trim off the thread close to the canvas, but leave enough so that the ends stay on the backside.

Now, all you have to do is stitch your needlepoint threads right over that area as if the two threads are one.  Just be careful in the one spot, and this repair will be invisible when you are done stitching the piece.

I think this makes sense, but if not, ask for clarification and I will try to find a picture to illustrate the method.


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