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Needlepoint/Repair of chair seat


Chair seat
Chair seat  

Chair seat 2
Chair seat 2  
This chair was my great-grandmother's, so I assume it is over 125 years old, if not older.
QUESTION:  if I were to look very hard, is the any way the cat scratches on the needlepoint can be repaired?
If they can't I won't spend the time looking for someone to do it.  I am not qualified or would take project on myself.  I will just love it the way it is.
Thank you in advance for your opinion,

Hi Sandra,

Ouch!  Bad kitty!  lol

The short answer is yes, it could be repaired.  I would have to see much more detail, or see the piece in person, to give you an idea of what the cost of that kind of repair might be.  If you would like for me to take a further look, send me an email: allexperts(at) (replace "(at)" with "@").


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